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Hennessy, the global leading cognac, was awarded a notable accolade as the number two Consumer Alcoholic Spirit brand in the Sunday Times Top Brands 2016 survey*. The brand has leapt from last year’s sixth position. Hennessy is confident that its success is owning to its consistent marketing and sustainable business approach that has established the international luxury brand firmly in the hearts and minds of African consumers.

Hennessy is one of a few internationally renowned deluxe brands to enjoy major success in Africa and deep-rooted loyalty from their consumers. Despite starting out in a market where scotch and brandy were the traditional spirit of choice – and cognac as a liquor category was non-existent – Hennessy is currently the number one selling cognac in Africa, and a leader in the premium spirits category realising consistent double-digit growth over the past 10 years.

Pascal Asin, Managing Director: Africa and Middle East at Moët Hennessy, who has led Hennessy’s success in Africa for over a decade said: “It’s more than just a business model – it’s about transmitting the legacy of an iconic brand in such a way that the local market adopts and welcomes it as their own.”

Hennessy’s focus is always on building relationships and partnering with the local market to understand their consumer intrinsically.

“While many African consumers are the well-established high net worth individuals, the majority of Hennessy drinkers are young up-and-coming entrepreneurs,” explains Asin.

It’s this youthful face of the luxury African consumer that led to Hennessy’s Never Stop. Never Settle. marketing campaign. The powerful commercial speaks to the heart of the African consumer who is on a journey to success: the man whose ambition and inner drive will steer him to realise his full potential, and go beyond.

“In every country we have a presence in, we focus on understanding our consumer base to best maximise our marketing strategy, all the while remaining true to the brand’s 250-year-old heritage,” explains Michael Ellingworth, brand manager of Hennessy Cognac in South Africa.

“In order to continue our positive growth, and be further embraced by South Africans we must remain relevant. This means we must plan for the future, even though it is often unpredictable, and turn adventure into opportunity. We must continue to stay ahead of the game and set our own course: Be relentless, we will never stop, never settle.”

*The Sunday Times Top Brands 2016 used a total sample of 3500 in this year’s survey; with 2500 interviews in metro SA and 1000 interviews in non-metro areas of South Africa. The survey methodology measures the brand’s standing in both the market place and in people’s minds.