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By December 18, 2018 General News




  • Hendrick’s Gin, together with a select group of partners, have produced a gin cocktail experience to the value of R40 000.00
  • All the partners selected for the project share the core values of the Hendrick’s Gin brand: premium, hand-crafted, and small batch.
  • The partners include Ardmore Ceramic Art, Barker and Quin Tonic Water, and Svalbardi Polar Iceberg water.
  • Only three cocktails will be served, one available to purchase at each of the following venues as of 1 November; Mount Nelson in Cape Town, Oyster Box in Umhlanga, and Marble in Johannesburg.

To celebrate the start of the Gin O’Clock summer season, the world’s most unusual premium, small batch, and hand-crafted gin, Hendrick’s Gin has created South Africa’s most peculiar and expensive cocktail experience, valued at forty thousand rand each. The cocktail experience was created in conjunction with other unusual, premium, small batch, and hand-crafted brands including Ardmore Ceramic Art, Barker and Quin Tonic Water, and Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water. Only three of these cocktails will be produced and will be available to purchase exclusively from the Mount Nelson in Cape Town, the Oyster Box in Umhlanga, and Marble in Johannesburg from 1 November.

Shaun Stemmett, brand manager for Hendrick’s Gin South Africa says that this programme is a perfect opportunity to showcase the unusual & premium nature of Hendrick’s Gin. “Our partners are simply among the best in their fields; Ardmore Ceramic Art has produced exceptionally beautiful and unusual artworks that are sought after the world over, Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water is the world’s best and purest water, extracted from the glaciers of Norway and carefully bottled and shipped around the world, and Barker and Quin produce unique South African tonic water.”

Stemmett further explains that the creation of the cocktail not only celebrates the core values of the brand – unusual, premium, small batch, and hand-crafted – but also launches the Hendrick’s Gin O’Clock summer season programme. “This summer we are once again bringing the Hendrick’s Gin O’Clock experience to South Africa, with 40 bars and restaurants participating, serving a selection of Hendrick’s Gin cocktails. In addition, we have also brought back the much-loved Hendrick’s Gin Tea Cup Gift Pack. The gift pack is available from 18 October is all leading liquour outlets and features three different tea cup designs for those gin connoisseurs to collect. The Hendrick’s Gin O’Clock summer cocktails are relatively easy to prepare and delicious to enjoy at home, so why not enjoy them in the tea cup of the gift pack.”

The Something Marvellously Unusual cocktail experience comprises primarily of the elixir and is served in one of only three bespoke and one-of-a-kind ceramic goblets, created by the world renown ceramic art manufacturers Ardmore Ceramic Art and inspired by the animal illustrations found within the Hendrick’s Gin brand. The liquid is a multi-layered sensory expedition. Hendrick’s Gin is mixed with a vermouth that has been hand crafted using a Klein Constantia Vin De Constance wine, a variety of rare and expensive botanicals and spices, and fortified using Hennessey XO. This is then combined with a specially crafted batch of tonic water made by Barker and Quin that was developed specifically for this cocktail. This tonic water comprises of a variety of South African botanicals, and made using Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water the purest water in the world. The tonic water is housed in specially crafted tonic water bottles that were created by Consol to perfectly compliment the Hendrick’s Gin bottle. Only twelve of these special edition and collector item bottles were created for the Something Marvellously Unusual Cocktail experience.

The “Something Marvellously Unusual” cocktail recipe was developed by our master mixologist Marson Strydom, and comprises a variety of ingredients that are both unusual and rare. The cocktail is an extremely unusual take on the Hendrick’s and Tonic, with various builds that makes it exceptional; the cocktail’s flavour notes are Rose and Cucumber, the two flavours perfectly infused into Hendrick’s Gin, but further includes the flavours of Wild Fig and Pine Needles, that takes the flavour to a place that cocktails have not yet explored.

“While the Something Marvellously Unusual cocktail experience will only be enjoyed by less than a handful of people, the Hendrick’s Gin official 2018 summer cocktail selection will be available in all participating bars and restaurants. These cocktails include the ever popular and always unusual Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic, The Hendrick’s Gin Buck, The Hendrick’s Orchard Collins, and the Hendrick’s Gin Mule. While these cocktails certainly won’t cost you forty thousand rand, once you’ve tasted them, you would probably agree that they should,” concludes Stemmett with a wry smile.