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Q&A with RGBC Private Clients Manager Miché Petersen

What does being a private client manager mean to rgbc?

Cultivating and building a one-on-one relationship with a private client creates the kind of loyalty that is hard to come by in an era of comparative shopping and the competition in our market. We live in an age of experiential shopping and clients want to connect with a person in order to be loyal to a brand. That’s where I come in. I’m the conduit between the client and the distribution channel. I facilitate and streamline the purchase process but most importantly, I connect on an emotional level with our clients.

What does luxury mean to you?

To me, luxury is an emotion. It’s not just something that’s expensive or out of reach, it’s something you don’t have the opportunity to do often. It’s when you can take simple pleasures in the quality of something or an experience you enjoy. It may be as simple as enjoying a glass of champagne while watching the sunset, or even, a personal greeting card and fine service in an elegant setting.

Luxury is that perfect blend of quality, uniqueness, and comfort. It tends to be understated and, it is most often experiential. It is that unique and unexpected attention to detail, quality and comfort. Each creates a lasting feeling.

Luxury is not just about the object you purchase but your personal connection to the brand and to the story that it tells. That is why we tell the story of our brand and of each product so that it becomes intimate and real for each of our clients.

Execution is everything!

My Private Clients are extremely interesting. I am as passionate about exploring and discovering what the needs of my clients are and fulfilling their utmost desires. My role involves introducing and educating my clients on our Brand Portfolio. I craft unique experiences, and reward their loyalty with access to extremely exclusive moments and experiences. There’s a sense of fulfillment when connecting, building and cultivating relationships for the very long term – a relationship that will last. My success is built on creativity, quality, an entrepreneurial spirit, having a commercial mindset and, most importantly, long-term vision. You should be very persistent. You need ideas but the idea is just 20%. Execution is 80%.

 What is the process of meeting and understanding new clients?

I would enquire what brand in our portfolio the client would be interested in. We would meet for either lunch or dinner. I would craft an experience to suit the client’s needs, facilitate a private tasting, share and celebrate that moment, actively listening to their thoughts and views. Handle objections, manage expectations and take their order.

 Any tips for someone new to this exclusive club?

Purchase my products! Haha.

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