Author: Candace


Belvedere Polska Mary

Made from only Polska rye, purified water and a distillation process by fire, Belvedere contains zero additives

Finlandia Vodka Martini

Finlandia Martini

A classic vodka cocktail that rewards you with amazing flavour when you master it.

Hennessy Ginger Ale & Lime

The Hennessy Ginger

Hennessy and Ginger is the right drink for any time of the day or evening.

Tia Espresso martini

Tia Espresso Martini

Whatever the trend of the moment, Tia Espresso Martini will be always one of a kind.

Tully Tonic Orange Peel Twist

Tully Tonic

The smoothness of original triple blend Irish whiskey mixed with the invigorating taste of tonic water


Ginger Lemon Mule

Our take on a classic mule it’s crisp and sweet, spiced and complex, here’s a cocktail that takes things back to basics.


Ginger Lemon Old Fashioned

Our take on this classic combines smooth notes of sweet ginger, silky Vermouth and our melt-in-your-mouth Lasanta for the ultimate cocktail with a twist.