Revel in the craft of cognac and find your drink of choice to toast to the extraordinary.

It’s the versatility of the spirit that makes it unique. Its complexity makes it irreplaceable.

There’s a cognac for every occasion. For the game-changers amplifying their artistry. For the friends celebrating each other’s success. For the boundary-breakers who Never Stop. Never Settle. For the individuals who seek something special.

Lauded for its taste and traditions, Cognac hails from designated grape-growing regions in Cognac, France. First mentioned in 1617, it’s a spirit with history, made with mastery. The art of the eaux-de-vie takes years to acquire. As one of the original cognac Maisons, Hennessy has a 255-year-long legacy of perfecting this craft. Hence, cognac deserves its own day; a day when you enjoy your favourite spirit just the way you like it.

Founded in 1765 by Richard Hennessy, the House of Hennessy has now passed through the expert hands of eight successive generations, in partnership with the Fillioux family as Master Blenders. Chasing perfection, Hennessy has pioneered the cognac category to include all the varying classifications that it comprises today. This includes the Extra Old (X.O) category created by Maurice Hennessy and Emile Fillioux back in 1870. And the Very Special (V.S) category as well. Now’s your moment to pick the classification best suited to your tastes.


Khomotso Ledwaba, Brand Manager of Hennessy SA, says, “This World Cognac Day, why not find your perfect match? For the trailblazers with a love of urban culture – the energy and artistry of a melting pot of people in a vibrant city space – there’s Hennessy V.S. (Very Special). Hennessy is the most-loved cognac brand in the urban culture space, with a special connection with hip hop. The brand has featured in over 2500 songs so far, from the days of 2Pac and Biggy to Tshego and Young MA.

“As part of this long association, we’ve also collaborated with ten of the world’s best street artists to design limited edition Hennessy V.S bottles. This last year was extra special as we partnered with Faith XLVII – the first South African and women artist we’ve worked with. The result of the partnership was a one-of-a-kind bottle that explored the alchemy of the artistic process.”

If you’re feeling like royalty then Ledwaba says the Hennessy V.S.O.P may be the one for you. Commissioned by a future king, the cognac is a Very Superior Old Pale indeed, with the kind of balance and finesse that can only come from over 200 years of experience. It’s for the pioneers and change-makers who have the monarchic mind-set that anything is possible.

Finally, if you’re seeking to celebrate a special moment with your inner circle, consider Hennessy X.O. The original X.O was created as a blend reserved for the closest friends and family of Hennessy to enjoy at the maison in France. As a result, it is a perfect option to toast business and personal success or to be given as a celebratory gift. Having recently turned 150 years old, the Hennessy X.O is Extra Old indeed and a true treasure.

“This World Cognac Day, give yourself leave to play. There are no rules when it comes to cognac; Hennessy is just as enjoyable served neat, on the rocks, in a cocktail or with a mixer such as tonic  And remember that you don’t need a special glass either, any glass will do so long as it contains cognac this World Cognac Day,” concludes Ledwaba. 

7 Unexpected ways to enjoy Hennessy this World Cognac Day:

Cognac is extremely versatile; it can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, with a mixer or in a cocktail.

Hennessy might be made with strict rules, but there is just one rule when it comes to drinking it: drink it any way you want. Here, Ledwaba shares some of his favourites:

  • Dark chocolate: Try pairing your cognac, especially with the fruitier notes of a V.S.O.P or X.O, with velvety dark chocolate or coffee flavoured chocolate. Add Hennessy to your chocolate fondant or a cup of hot chocolate
  • Beef fillet with creamy mushroom sauce: Hennessy pairs perfectly with buttery mushroom sauce
  • Ginger: The spice of the ginger ale brings out the natural spice of Hennessy V.S
  • Coffee: Coffee and cognac go together beautifully, add a twist by pouring equal measures over ice cream for a Hennessy Affogato
  • Citrus: A burnt citrus dessert gives off the ideal citrus notes, perfect for pairing
  • Duck: The dark, rich, and fatty notes of duck, particularly Asian spiced duck, will be heightened by Hennessy V.S.O.P. The sweet and sour profile is rounded out by the maturity of a well-aged cognac
  • Honey Glazed Pork belly and Hennessy VSOP will make a Sunday roast something special

Explore the versatility of cognac by drinking it your way this weekend at your local favourite.

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