Home Bar Essentials

Spirits, mixers and tools you’ll need for the ideal home bar

For lovers of fine spirits, spending more time indoors means more time to hone those bartending skills.

We’ve put together a handy list of spirits, mixers, and tools you’ll need to set up the ideal budget-friendly home bar.

rgbc bar essentials

Shop: Finlandia VodkaWixworth Ginel Jimador Reposado TequilaSailor Jerry RumTullamore D.E.W Irish WhiskeyJack Daniel’s Old No 7Jack Daniel’s Rye WhiskeySouthern ComfortChambord Raspberry LiqueurDisaronno Amaretto Liqueur

If the perfect cocktail is only as good as it’s base spirit, then a good bartender is only as good as the tools in their arsenal.

Customize your bar to suit your needs

The Essentials: Mixing Jug; Shaker; Strainer; Fine Strainer; Jigger; Bar Spoon; Cutting Board; Muddle Stick; Knife; Peeler; Lemon Squeezer; Ice Scoop; Ice Crusher

Now that you’re all set up, transport yourself to Summer with the Monkey Splash.

Enjoy our great brands responsibly.

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