Know your consumer, it’s a game-changer.

How did a relatively small liquor company become a leading premium liquor distributor in South Africa, in just 20 years? Quite simply, at the really great brand company (rgbc), we really know our consumers.

Contrary to popular belief, consumers across the world are mostly the same. Abraham Maslow in the 1940’s realised that human motivations are similar and these needs have an ordered hierarchy structure, which influences purchasing behaviour. With an initial investment in understanding what motivates consumers’ liquor brand choices (purchases), rgbc built a bespoke consumer framework around globally consistent purchase motivations.

But the true magic is not just understanding consumer liquor motivations, it’s the rich tapestry that is weaved around their lifestyle that gives it meaning. The ongoing collaborations with media agencies, media owners, and advertising agencies ensure consumer profiles are enriched and updated regularly. The marketing partners then also align their planning work to a consumer focus.

The shifting and sometimes rapid changes in consumer motivations, behaviours, and buying patterns have led to everyone at rgbc adopting a mildly obsessive consumer curiosity. To keep pace with these changes, the marketing team is regularly out in the field together with sales and commercial people, observing, discussing with customers, and even talking directly to consumers, in stores, or at events.

The consumer segmentation model is simple, easily remember, and visual, which provides absolute clarity for all. Therefore, every person at rgbc understands liquor consumers. The liquor outlet universe has a clear consumer prioritisation, based on occasion and location, that will inform the brand/outlet prioritisation.

The game-changer is what rgbc does with consumer segmentation. 

Consumers are at the heart of all brand planning and commercial planning. Therefore, the consumer also becomes central to some of the commercial conversations.

By knowing the, Who, Why, Where, What, When, rgbc gear and align resources to deliver the How.

A premium brand-building execution or experience requires disproportionate attention to the smallest details, ensuring every consumer contact is considered and relevant. This experiential excellence is only achieved because the rgbc team has a hands-on approach. As a small company with limited resources, people, and brand funds, the execution approach is a rife-shot, rather than shot-gun.

The modern consumer has a basket of preferred brands in their drinking repertoire, as they have become brand and category agnostic. Fortunately, with a portfolio of great brands, there are synergies.

The really great brand company’s guiding execution philosophy is never to just brand an experience, we want consumers to experience our brands.

Craig Doré | Marketing Director

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