Life at RGBC: 5for5 with Lisa Rothwell

Founded in 1996, rgbc’s portfolio has grown to no less than 25 really great premier brands, and our people are undoubtedly the driving force behind that success. We chat to On Trade Sales Manager Lisa Rothwell who recently celebrated 10 years with us…

Why have you stayed at rgbc for such a long time?

rgbc is a company that invests in its employees both in their personal lives and from a business perspective. You are not seen as ”just another number”  but rather as a person of value with something to offer. At rgbc, Your ideas are always heard, risks are taken on you, tremendous trust is placed on you, efforts are rewarded and celebrated continuously, you are always considered when company decisions are made!

There is a company dynamic at rgbc that I have not seen anywhere else, whereby every department & person come together to achieve a common goal by willingly giving ideas, builds, and input to achieve great things. I have always had creative ideas personally and rgbc and its employees & management mostly have let me take those ideas and create impactful things without endless red tape and for that I am grateful. rgbc is FOR SURE A company with a difference that has caused unimaginable growth in my life and career

Then vs now: What are some key differences you have noticed during your time at rgbc?

When I was a rep 10 years ago I was definitely a jack of all trades. When I had a promotion to do, my car was packed to the brim with elements, setting up events, deliver promoter clothing, etc, etc. There are such incredible systems in place now to equip the reps to focus on their core role which is selling and building brands. The resources available are incredible – at the click of a button your delivery goes to the customer, your POSM is booked, your tools arrive at the venue. We have grown in leaps and bounds in that area. No more trailer hiring for our guys every week!

Bangolet, France

Tell us about one (or more) of your fondest memories at rgbc…

A personal BIG moment for me was being able to sit next to then Hennessy President Bernard Peillon at the main table at the Hennessy Family’s private residence at Bagnolet on our company visit to France! During dinner, Bernard asked if we would like to choose some wine from the family’s private cellar and had a conversation with me about the excellent work rgbc is doing on Hennessy in South Africa. I can tell you that there are not many people that have been able to experience something like that, yet I did! What a privilege to be part of the rgbc family.

Who at rgbc has made an impression on you and why?

The leaders in this company have made the biggest impression in my life and have taught me that it is key to always lead by example! I have been inspired to never be too BIG to learn, mentor, and be involved in people’s lives. Our executive team understands the industry in and out and is hot on the pulse of what is happening which is commendable. I have learned how to be a leader through their guidance!

What do the next ten years at rgbc look like and how will you contribute to the success of #teamrgbc?

I truly believe that 2020 has been a year unlike anyone ever expected. I choose to look at the positive in every situation and believe that we have been re-directed in many areas. It’s time to focus on what is important only and to take things up a notch in everything that we do in trade and business. I intend to focus on the Buffalo and not the Warthogs going forward and bringing in creativity and “out the box” thinking to inspire customers to experience our brands in new ways. To know our brands is to love our brands so I intend on creating brand love everywhere I go.

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